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Web and Graphic Designer, Surface Pattern Designer

After more than 10 years as a freelance web designer and graphic designer, I discovered pattern design after taking an online course. So far I have been designing patterns and uploading them to microstock websites since January 2019.

My favourite subjects are tropical flowers, cartoon animals, cartoon sunflowers, patterns for kids, seashells, abstract shibori patterns, abstract geometric patterns and patterns for food, restaurants and cafes. I still have many ideas and hope to produce more Malaysian themed patterns with local flora and fauna.

I use Adobe Illustrator, my desktop computer with a mouse, phone camera, sketchpad with pen and pencils for some of the patterns. As a stay at home mom, this career allows me to work at my own time and I can design anything I want. Its wonderful to have people from many countries around the world, appreciate and buy my work.


About Me

After secondary school, graduated from Inti College Malaysia with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, second class upper, in 1999. Worked for 2 years at an IT company start up. Then went to The One Academy, Bandar Sunway to study art and design. Graduated with a Diploma in Digital Animation in 2004. Worked for about a year at an animation studio as a 3d animator working on a cartoon called Higglytown Heroes for Playhouse Disney Channel.

After that did freelancing full time as a web designer and discovered trekking and travelling. Travelled on group tours to Pakistan, New Zealand, India, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Inner Mongolia, Tibet etc. Did alot of jungle trekking with my friends and visited local tourist spots in Malaysia.

Worked for a few years for a medical creative agency as a freelance designer. Part of a small dedicated team of designers, working with the marketing team designing marketing materials for pharmaceutical clients.

When I'm not working at the computer, I'm busy spending time with my family, cooking or doing pilates and going for a long walk outside in nature or watching movies.

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